Two important tools that connect you to your customers are business cards and websites (we can design both). They do the same thing: allow people to get a glimpse of what your business does and give them a way to contact you. A business card, however, is just a small piece of paper. And there is only so much you can say about your business on such a small space. On the other hand, a website provides an infinite amount of space for you to show and tell everything you want about your business.

Something to consider is that you aren’t able to hand out a business card to every person who is interested in what you do. In fact, most of your customers will never find out what your business cards look like. They will, however, be searching for your business online and visiting your site.

Your online presence needs to accurately represent your business. Making sure that it’s easy to use is important, too. Ultimately, you want your website to act like a more sophisticated version of your business card. Does it give your contact information? Does it represent your business? These are the two key questions we’ll make sure we answer when we design your site.

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