A successful business is often the result of several carefully balanced components. The internet, of course, can help with that. With a combination of advertising, blog, social media, website and content, you can create an online presence that contributes to success, and therefore, profit. Note: not all of these may be necessary or appropriate for your specific business.


Ah, the art of marketing. Internet ads. Promotions. Links. These are all considered online advertising. Too little can result in no traffic to your website. Too much can turn off potential customers. After working with you, we’ll come up with an advertising plan that fits your needs. Some businesses don’t lend themselves well to advertising at all. Some will work well with only links and promotions. It all depends on what you sell and who your customers are.


Do you like to write and share your knowledge? The answer to this question determines if a blog is worth setting up. If you don’t think you can keep up with regular blog posts, then a blog won’t work well for you. If you can, then it’s a good idea. Blogs are a great way to connect to your customers. You can use your blog to make business updates, share parts of your personal life, give tips, tricks, and tutorials, etc.

Social Media

Similar to blogging, social media is used to connect to your audience. However, sites like Facebook and Twitter are typically more informal and allow more freedom when it comes to writing (but there are sites like LinkedIn that are used for professional networking). Not every social media site will work well for your business. After getting to know your work, we’ll figure out together what would work best for you.


This is a no-brainer. Click here to read about why websites are so important.


This part can get overlooked. Content is all the writing and media on your site. You want the words to reflect your business’ personality. The same goes for the images, videos, music, or any other media you use on your site. With the right content, you’ll get the right customers.

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