As a business owner, you know much more about what you want from your website than we do. So before we start designing your site, we’ll need to know exactly who your business is. Things like who your customers are, what type of personality your business has, and what content you want online will help us design the website so it does what you want it to.

Who will be visiting your site? Every person who opens your homepage will either be a previous customer or a potential customer. That means your site will be working towards keeping customers or getting them. Knowing what demographics (or other factors) your customers belong to means we’ll design with them in mind.

Who is your business? Your brand has a personality. Is it sweet and comforting? Bold and commanding? Intellectual and quiet? Whatever it may be, it’s our job to convey it through design. We want your visitors to get to know you just as much through the look and feel of your site as through your content.

After the design is taken into account, what will you say on your website? The words and how you use them have an impact on your visitors. We’ll help you write content so that it matches the design and says exactly what you want to say.

When all is said and done, everything on your site will accomplish your purpose, whatever that may be. If you want to gain new customers and build your business, we will help you do that. If you want to simply provide your existing customers with an online presence, we can do that, too. Whatever it is your hoping to gain with a website, you can be assured that we will help you get it.

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