When choosing a color scheme for your website, logo or even the inside of your store, its important to take a step back and think about what ideas and emotions the colors might be communicating to your clients.

RED conveys passion, excitement, energy and confidence. Think of brands like Coca-Cola and Virgin Mobile, who are always using the color to appeal to younger, more energetic audiences who are easily stimulated.

GREEN represents youthfulness, gentleness and being environmentally minded. Starbucks uses green in its logo to convey an image of environmental friendliness and a modern, hip mentality.

BLUE is a sign of calm, logic, communication and trust. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter naturally use blue.

YELLOW means fun and friendly. Think of McDonald’s, who uses red to convey excitement and confidence, and yellow to convey a fun and friendly atmosphere.

PURPLE stands for luxury and royalty. From Cadbury’s chocolates to Prince’s outfits, this is a color used to convey decadence.

BLACK is another color that screams luxury. A bit more serious than purple, its especially effective when paired with gold. Chanel usually only uses black for their logos in order to show exclusivity.

ORANGE means fun and playful, and can also represent physical comfort. Nickelodeon, the kids network, uses an orange splat as their logo to show that they are all about fun.

BROWN means warmth and reliability. Think of the UPS logo of dark gold and brown – countless people each day rely on UPS to get their packages delivered on time.

PINK implies either sweetness or sexiness, depending on the use. Victoria’s Secret, besides using the color often, even has a brand line called PINK. Breast Cancer Awareness month uses a lighter shade of pink to represent caring and support.

Take these things into consideration when choosing your colors, as this is what the biggest companies out there use to convey subtle, psychological messages. Using different combinations of colors will have different results, try them all!

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