Let’s talk about writing for a moment. Content writing, to be specific. As soon as someone opens your homepage, what do they do? They start reading. Maybe it’s your site title. Maybe it’s your mission statement. Maybe it’s some paragraph text you’ve written about you or your business. This is where your potential customers start to form an opinion of your site. So it’s extremely important that every word conveys your business’ personality.

For example, if you own a local business, but every sentence on your site is written in a formal style, your customers may feel distanced from you. If you own a professional business, but your content is written in a relaxed manner, your customers might not take your business seriously.

After you’re sure you’re using the right language to attract the right customers, make sure it fits with the rest of your site. Your voice should also apply to your color scheme, your layout, and your graphics. When your site is finished, it should feel very “you.”

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