What is typography? Basically, it’s the way type looks and feels. It’s everything from size to shape to spacing. Fonts can be manipulated by spacing out the letters or the lines or stretching each character. There are hundreds of available fonts in design programs and online. So no matter what, any specific type you want is possible.

Typography, like color, is a subtle thing that makes a huge difference. Typography can make or break your design and, therefore, the opportunities with your potential customers. However, it is often overlooked. Take a look at this example:


The text is hardly noticeable, but that’s not a bad thing. That type was specifically chosen so that the message came across rather than the design. In fact, that’s how all typography should be: it shouldn’t distract the viewer.







Now look at this example:


The type calls attention to itself, but not in a good way. Your viewers should not be focusing on the way your type looks. Instead they should be paying attention to what you have to say.

There are many different kinds of bad typography. We won’t go into detail here about each kind – you can tell for yourself what looks good and what doesn’t.

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