Social media can be a tricky thing to master. In order to be successful at not only creating a following but also generating business, you need to have a specific plan that you can stick to. Below are some tips we use for Twitter and Facebook. (Note: these are just a couple of ideas – if you’d like to know more about what we can do for you with social media, set up a consultation with us!)



If you’re not used to the somewhat unorganized format of Twitter, it can be a little overwhelming. The key is to post sound bites of useful and interesting information – something that people want to check out and share. Here are some things that create a good Twitter campaign:

  • post information that doesn’t necessarily involve your business
  • post facts, quotes, or other small bits of information that are easily shareable
  • follow other businesses similar to yours as well as people in your area



Facebook may be an easier social media platform to understand, but it can actually be a little trickier when it comes to promoting your business. Use these tips to get and maintain an audience and customer base:

  • use tags in your posts
  • share others’ posts to create a relationship with other businesses
  • run promotions and contests
  • use media (images and videos) to create posts that people want to share
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