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Good website design doesn’t rely only on visually appealing layouts and well-thought-out graphics – although that is very important – its foundation is built upon functionality. Lets take a look at how to walk the fine line between these two points – here are some basic guidelines to consider when planning out your site:

Purpose – What are your visitors looking for when coming to your website?  The answer to that question needs to be the cornerstone of your website layout.

Three Click Rule  – It is a good general rule of thumb that your visitor should be able to find the information they are looking for on your site within three clicks.  Any more, and your guest might feel like they are doing your work for you.  Always have a header or a sidebar with links to all the main pages.

Information – The way information is organized on your site can make all the difference.  Use headlines and sub-headlines to make the subject and purpose of the page clear, use lists and bullet-points instead of long paragraphs unless appropriate.

Images – Always, always, always make sure the images on your site are of good quality.  A gritty pix-elated image will take your presentation down substantially, and having good presentation is almost the entire point of having a website in the first place.  If you don’t have your own high quality photos, there are a multitude of websites and images on the internet that can fill in the spaces you are missing – also consider having video content, as it might communicate your point better than simple text.

Grid Based Layout – Unless the point of your site is to abstract, a grid based layout is a good way to go.  You want to place information where people will expect to see it, and studies have shown that when people are looking at a screen their eyes move left to right, top to bottom, therefore making a grid the way to go.

Mobile Friendly – With the amount of people browsing the web on phones and tablets today, its definitely a good idea to have your site optimized for mobile devices.

The types of websites that you can create are limitless, but these basic principles are a good starting point to reference when brainstorming ideas.

If you are feeling the need of some assistance designing your site, we can help! Just click on the Web Design link on the sidebar to the left, or call 720.222.0110.

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