Photography and imagery have always been prevalent in web design – the internet would be boring without them. But photo-based design is everywhere lately. What do we mean by that? Photo-based pages are those that are designed around photos. Usually photos are used as the background. The formatting of other layout features, like sidebars or footers, is based on the size of the background image. Often, there is no header when a photo background is used.

Although photos as backgrounds are beautiful and often make for a great user experience, they’re not for everyone. Designs like that make the photo the center piece of their brand – which is great if your photo accurately represents your business. Photographers, clothing stores, cooking websites: these are examples where a photo background would work very well. If a photo wouldn’t accurately represent who your business is, then creating your design around one isn’t good design.

A web designer can help you figure out exactly what would work for you. If you have any design ideas, tell your designer. The design process is very collaborative, but in the end, you should be 100% percent happy with your website.

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