When you start your own business, you’re going to run into some criticism. It might come from your peers, who think running a business is outside your reach. It may come from your rivals, who don’t want any competition. It may even come from your own clients. Wherever the criticism comes from, it’s important to maintain a sense of dignity, but also an open mind.

Those who want to hurt you with their comments aren’t worth your time – this is important to remember. If someone wants to offer some advice to help you, it will be clear. Make sure you don’t spend time worrying about those who don’t want to see you succeed. And make sure you don’t ignore those who do.

Regardless of the intention, keep an open and objective mind when hearing criticism – listen to the feedback and evaluate it. Does the person have a point? Could you be doing things better? Sometimes, what seems like an insult can actually help you. Think about the complaint and determine if it is useful to you in any way. If it is, use it!

But in the end, listen to your gut. You are the decision maker at the end of the day – it’s your business. You don’t have to heed every little piece of advice and criticism. Make sure your business stays true to what you want it to be. At the end of the day, customers will appreciate a business that has your personal touch.

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