Whether you are a designer or hiring the designer, you may have to let go of a great design idea once in a while. As people, we sometimes get attached to ideas quickly. It can be difficult to look objectively at something we’ve grown font of. Maybe the design idea is great, but it just doesn’t accomplish the current project’s goals. Maybe the idea is not what the client had in mind. Maybe it’s just a bad idea.

When designing, it’s a good idea to keep an objective attitude about your work. “Does it fit the needs of the client and accomplish what he/she wants” should ALWAYS be the first question you ask yourself. If not, it’s time to revise it or scrap it. And even if you think your idea is wonderful, your client may have a different opinion. Listen to any feedback and change your design, or explain why you think your work is the perfect design solution.

If you are hiring a designer, you may already have a clear idea of what you want. However, remember that designers probably know more about logos and branding that you do. They may have some insight and thoughts that will make your design accomplish what you want. But don’t be a pushover – if you are dead set on using magenta in the end design, don’t settle for anything other than magenta. You’re the boss. However, if you refuse to accept any new ideas, just be aware that you have hired the designer to DESIGN, not to copy.

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