It may seem like a simple question. You write something for each of your website pages and your blog, if you have one. Easy, right? But is your content original? Does it engage your audience? Is it you? Those are the questions you need to be asking each time you write something.

At Eboxlab, our process starts with getting to know YOU. We want to understand who you are and who your business is before starting any design work. Then we can get started on content. Every word of your site should reflect your business not only with the meaning but with the voice as well. Your business should have a personality (your “about” page shouldn’t read like a textbook if you’re a local coffee shop).

We’ll work with you to write something that fits your brand. That can mean writing your content and getting your approval. Or, we can look over anything you’ve written and offer our opinion. Of course, we can stay out of the writing portion of your website completely. This process is yours; you decide how it works.

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