Running a successful business is more than having strong expertise. Your prices may be good, your products or services may be great, and your location may be perfect. But a huge part of continued business is the way you interact with you customers. If you connect with people on a personal level, they’re more likely to come back even if your prices are higher than the competition. Here are some tips to help your business be more personable.

1. Be Truthful

Don’t lie or exaggerate any aspect of your business (this ties into the topic of our last post). Telling customers that you can do something that you normally don’t doesn’t help them. Instead, it makes you look unprofessional. If a customer asks for something that you don’t have, don’t be afraid to let them know. In the future, they’ll come to you again for something else.

2. Care About Your Customers

You’re not just selling tangible products or services. You’re selling intangible things that help people. Do you own a flower shop? Then you’re not just selling flowers, you’re selling a way for others to display appreciation. Think about what you have to offer. How does it help others? If something you sell doesn’t actively affect someone’s life, don’t sell it. It doesn’t add to your business.

3. Work With Your Clients

If you offer a service, be willing to work with people. Your clients most likely have very busy schedules, and you should be willing to work with them. This doesn’t mean being passive when it comes to your work – don’t let your clients run your schedule just because they have the final say.

4. Face to Face

In this day and age, a lot of business relationships are forged online. If you run a business that operates online, see if it’s possible to meet in person with your customers once in a while. Even a phone conversation is better than strict email-only contact.

5. Take Your Time

Unless your product is time-sensitive, don’t rush people into sales. Take your time when explaining your product or service and make sure it fits your customer’s needs. The last thing people want is feeling forced to buy something they don’t really want. By taking some time to explain what you do, your customers will see that you really care about your business. And that’s the whole point.

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