What’s your favorite color?

You may think that’s an irrelevant question when it comes to web design. After all, how many times do you pay attention to the colors of a website? Yet they are often the first thing we see when we open a webpage. And these colors affect us, usually without our knowledge.

When we think of certain shades, we often associate emotions with them. Green is often associated with either growth or envy. Red is associated with either anger or love. Yellow is usually a happy color. As web designers, we pay close attention to these emotions. When we choose the color scheme for a site, we have to be careful that it accurately reflects what the business does. For example, we wouldn’t choose cool blues and purples for a family-owned bakery, as those shades tend to make people feel lonely or melancholy.

We also have to be very aware of what colors work well with others. If you put two clashing hues together, the resulting image can be difficult to look at. And if you’re site is difficult to look at, your visitors won’t stay for long.

This is where favorite colors come in. Perhaps your favorite color is teal blue (which is a lovely color). You may associate that color with happiness. But we have to keep in mind that everyone perceives colors differently. The majority of your audience may get a sad vibe from teal which will work against you in your website. When we sit down with you to discuss the possibilities for your site, the color scheme will be a huge part of that.

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