We’ve talked about color before on this blog. It’s a huge aspect of any kind of branding, and the possibilities with it are nearly endless.

A color scheme is decided upon before your website is designed. We need to have an idea about what kind of feeling you want your viewers to get when visiting your website. All colors have emotions attached to them. However, different people associate different feelings with colors, so that’s something we take into account as well.

Part of the reason that color is such an important part of your web design is because it elicits cohesiveness. Having several colors that complement each other, even if each page uses a different set of those colors, creates a cohesive look. This is important when considering that people typically stay longer on web pages that are aesthetically pleasing.

There are an infinite amount of possible colors we can use in your website. We can look at triad schemes (a combination of three colors), analogous schemes (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel), and plenty more. We’ll determine the type of scheme after having a conversation with you about what you want your website to accomplish.

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