Having your business christened with its own logo can be very exciting – after all, what do we picture when we think of Coca-Cola, Nike, Google or other major brands?  Its almost guaranteed that somewhere in the back of your head there’s a picture of their logo – and for good reason.  Logos communicate a visual idea, and are an emotional representation of your business to the customer – they are your symbol.

It helps greatly to do a little bit of contemplation on what you want from your logo before coming to a graphic designer.  Let the designer know what your business stands for – is it serious? Is it playful? Perhaps it is both. For example, a company who sells trampolines might want to go with a kid-friendly approach and have the logo communicate a free and light-hearted feeling.  On the other hand, the same company could be more concerned with communicating that their trampolines are the safest, therefore opting for a more professional and trust-worthy look with their symbol, logo or mascot.  A logo can communicate many ideas, and it all comes down to what you want your customer to think of your business when they look at your logo.  Try making a list of words that describe your business, a mission statement or idea that business goes by, and also take note of other business logos that are out there that you enjoy.

Another important thing to keep in mind – a logo will not save your business from careless management, poor customer service, or any other general ineptitude.   That is your brand – the real personality, identity and reputation of your business.  Think of the logo as the visible part of the iceberg – its what everybody sees – but the brand makes up most of the actual mass, which is below that water and out of sight.

So, these are just a few of the things to think about when designing your logo – remember that presentation is extremely important! Poor presentation is a red flag to any well informed customer that your service might not be worth their time.  Remember that a logo only serves as a warm greeting, an excellent way to welcome someone into your home, and from then on its up to you and your business to do what it does best.

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