Benefits of a Content Management System (CMS)

The world of web design has defnititely changed since the olden times of websites written purely in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Although the underlying core of websites is still dependent on code, the way sites are created and maintained is becoming much more simplified.

Many of today’s sites are being created using a Content Management System (CMS). You might have heard of them – WordPress, Joomla! or Movable Type – and they are beginning to dominate the internet for good reason: using a CMS allows people with relatively little coding experience to create and maintain professional grade websites.

The earlier days of the internet were ruled by those with knowledge of code; those without the proper knowledge had to pay web designers for every little update on their site. A CMS allows easy web content management – if you can use the most basic functions of Microsoft Office, then you won’t have much trouble figuring out how to use a well-made CMS such as WordPress. Writing blogs, adding new graphics, modifying text, even managing your online store is now easily learnable and doable.

We recommend WordPress: its the top rated CMS of today, used by many large companies such CNN and Time Magazine.

WordPress also has an incredibly large selection of plug-ins. A plug-in is like an extension of your website’s capabilities, and they all serve diffirent functions. For example, the Bookeo plug-in is a great management system that allows your clients to schedule appoitments with you. The Revolution Slider plug-in allows you to easily create and place slide-shows through your website and blog. There are about 40,000 diffierent plug-ins currently available for WordPress.

We can create your site using WordPress, and then teach you how to update it – call us today at 720.907.4023.

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