Creating Your Mobile Store

Shopping on a mobile platform can be a bit tricky. Even the biggest screens are often not enough to create the true freedom of a mouse and keyboard, so when working together with your web designer to create a mobile shopping experience for your customers, there are a few things to consider in order to make the experience easy and breezy instead of baffling and inefficient.

Get rid of all clutter! One of the first points to dwell upon is the organization of data – with the limited amount of space you have, the product should be the main focus. Remove excess navigation, excess information, and excess promotion – the product is all you have space for. Don’t use silly gimmicks to try to make your app “innovative” or “cutting-edge”, the user is here to view your products, not to get swept up in your presentation – you can leave that for the main website.

Photos – make them big, and high in quality. Here we bump into the main limitation of the mobile device again, the screen. Make sure that the possible client can get a good look at what you are selling; low quality photos scream “unprofessional!!” to pretty much anyone.

Making customers log in to shop – no, no, no!  This is one of the worst things you can do.  Yes, it might bring the customer back since they might feel inclined to do so after wasting so much time with creating their profile, but you are sure to drive three times as many customers away with the notion of spending ten minutes and checking their email for confirmation just to purchase a t-shirt.  This is a big one to avoid.

Make checking out as easy and fast as possible.  This is the big finish, where a customer has decided that they like your product and are about pass the final checkpoint of paying.  Don’t make this hard for them.  Make sure your checkout basket is responsive, don’t addle them with additional offers that don’t make sense or are not related to the product, don’t ask them for any unnecessary information, and – going back to the last point – don’t make them have to sign up! Add to basket, provide credit card info, check out. Boom, they’re done, and you just made a sale.

In conclusion, creating a mobile store is all about managing the limited real estate of the smartphone screen to create an experience that flows, and doesn’t take up unnecessary amounts of time that cause clients to identify your brand with feelings of frustration.

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